Utah Concealed Carry Permit class - 1 Day $60

18-20 year olds can now apply for a
Provisional Concealed Firearm Permit.

Here is the link:   https://bci.utah.gov/information-about-the-provisional-concealed-firearm-permit/

This is an all day class with live shooting on the SL Police Dept. training bay located at the PMAA range in Parley's Canyon.

I cover LOTS more than the State requires and most instructors don't even cover that.

There is a reason that the class runs most of the day before we go to the range.

Short list:

  • You receive a printed 38-page syllabus of everything we cover including graphics
  • You receive a Map of the USA where you can and cannot carry with a Utah permit
  • You receive a Legal Quick Reference Guide to Firearm Laws (For permit and non permit holders)
  • You receive a Marksmanship target reference to aid your shooting skill
  • We have a thorough discussion of every law you should know
  • Several TYPES of unloaded semi-auto pistols and revolvers are passed around the class and discussed
  • Different bullet types for self defense and practice are passed around and discussed
  • I demonstrate taking apart and cleaning semi-auto pistols and revolvers
  • 3 common firearm malfunctions are demonstrated and how to clear them
  • I demonstrate and teach the 3 secrets of marksmanship
  • Video scenarios of self defense are shown and the class discusses the pros and cons
  • We talk about what law allows you to carry a concealed firearm in a prohibited area
  • TASER solutions when a gun is not available
  • How to travel with firearms through airports and Traveling within the USA with your gun
  • You'll find out what law allows you having a loaded, concealed gun in car without permit
  • If you have to use your firearm to defend yourself, what do you do next?
  • If you have to make the call to 911 what do you say to the operator?
  • Should you say anything to anyone else who may begin to gather around you?
  • What happens when the cops come and think you are the "Bad guy with a gun"?
  • What should you say to the cops?
  • I give you the personal cell # of Utah's best Firearms Attorney, Mitch Vilos
  • The vital MORAL TRIAD mindset is explained
  • I roll play and demonstrate keeping the bad guy/gal from taking your gun and using it on you
  • I roll play and demonstrate Disarming the bad guy/gal with his/her gun pointed at you ...
  • Show "Die less Often" techniques


Do I need to continue? Does this sound anything like the class you planned to attend?

Oh yeah, the fun part... RANGE TIME Marksmanship and shooting at steel Silhouettes and Mannequin heads.

Everyone pays a Classroom/Range fee of $15

For more information or to Register for this class
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Optional services

  • I.D. Photo $10
  • 2 Finger Print Cards $10


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Your life may depend on it.

Training. Your life may depend on it.


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2019 Class Dates
  • Sat. May 11

  • Sat. June 8

  • Sat. July 13

  • Sat. Aug 10

  • Sat. Sept 14

  • Sat. Oct 12

  • Sat. Nov 9

  • Sat. Dec


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