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Tactical Firearm 1 day $100

This course teaches you how to Safely Run Your Gun. You should start with this course after you receive your CFP permit. It will help you know what you don't know and prepare you for the next level of training.

Features of this course include:

  • Firearm safety and handgun fundamentals
  • Ways to carry your firearm
  • Concealed Carry Holster choices
  • Clothing
  • Women specifics
  • Concealed Carry Purses
  • Grip
  • Shooting stance and posture
  • Breath control
  • 3 Secrets of Marksmanship
    • Sight alignment
    • Sight picture
    • Trigger control
  • Safely perform chamber checks
  • Drawing smoothly and quickly from your Concealed Carry holster
  • Self-defense draws
  • Index shooting
  • Point shooting
  • Trigger reset for controlled follow-up shots
  • Firearm malfunction clearance drills
  • Emergency, proactive and one-handed reloads
  • Support hand transitions
  • Use of force, and much more.

Tactical Defense 1 day $160

Not for beginners. You must take Tactical Firearm first, or be cleared by SDS to attend.

After you know how to Run Your Gun, we teach you

  • Self-defense tactics while drawing and shooting from concealment at multiple targets
  • Slicing the pie
  • Flash sight picture shooting
  • Index shooting
  • Moving while shooting
  • The famous 21' Tueller Drill (moving target coming at you)
  • One-handed shooting
  • Scanning for other assailants
  • SUL position
  • Turning techniques
  • Rolling out from behind cover, and much more.

Tactical Response 1 day $160

Now that you know how to Run Your Gun and can move while shooting we take you into the defensive response to a threat. This course is definitely not for beginners. You must take Tactical Defense first

  • Moving off the X
  • Footwork
  • Force-on-Force Airsoft drills
  • Multiple threats
  • Offensive disarm tactics
  • Door entries
  • Room clearing
  • Shooting from awkward positions (from a car, upside-down, on your side, while sitting, on your back and face)
  • One-handed reloads
  • Multiple Malfunction clearing, and much more.


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